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President Trump gave his first State of the Union address on Monday as our political reporters and editors gave their analysis and commentary. And that, Brian, will be a theme we'll be returning to throughout the year. Well, we've heard the president's speech and the Democratic response. Thanks to everyone who's come along for the evening with us. We appreciate your spending time with us. Good night. Kennedy's factory backdrop and his use of Spanish highlight a conundrum for his party: Can Democrats figure out a way to speak to white workers and Hispanic immigrants at the same time?

His speech is done. He didn't have to drink water like Rubio or look like a teenager like Jindal did. Kennedy is a often a quieter member of the House, keeps lower profile, but he's among the most often mentioned in conversations about the Dem party's future. This speech delivery shows why. Democrats want to give voters something more than just anti-Trump.

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Right, Cathy. The trick for Democrats is to try to persuade voters of the "one for all, and all for one" theme that they want to stress. It clearly wasn't something that worked in One key question for Democrats is whether that was a fault of the message or that year's messenger. The semi-glitch: Democrats want to push that point against the president, but they also want to reach out to all their varied interest groups. But the average Americans who Democrats want to again attract get turned off by the Democrats' cultural focus on, say, transgender Americans.

The argument is that Trump promised to represent the average American, but he's really representing the wealthy and powerful. After a few bland minutes, Kennedy is getting into a better speech groove. Whoever set the event up delivered a complicated backdrop though. Democrats are still struggling to form a coherent message on the economy. Their recent "better deal" pitch Dem leadership tried to get the country to rally around was a quickly forgotten, measured jumble.

In his opening moments, Kennedy has hit several Democratic themes: Russia, racism, shootings, "this is not Wives seeking nsa Talent we are. Kennedy goes immediately after Trump's effort to reduce legal immigration by calling Fall River "a city built by immigrants. Just ask Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, both of whom bellyflopped when responding during Democratic years.

This is a speaking slot every rising star pines for -- but rarely seems to lead to bigger things. Here's the problem with getting the asment to do the opposition response: The president gets the House chamber with all the pomp and gravitas it represents. Democrats have tapped Rep.

Joe Kennedy III, the year-old scion of the Kennedy family and a rising star in the party, to deliver the minority party's response to Trump. And back on CNN, evidence of how Trump has remade the Republican party: "Some Dreamers are gang members," says Rick Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania and presidential candidate.

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Ever the campaigner, Trump was also overheard talking poll s with a lawmakers as he exited the chamber. By the way, we'll be sticking around -- or at least most of us will -- to listen Wives seeking nsa Talent the Democratic response. As he walked out, Trump could be seen shaking hands with a lawmaker and saying "get it done, get it done" and "let me know what you need.

Trump seems to enjoy this part, shaking lots of hands, a few selfies, an autograph. House Republicans often say how much they appreciate that the president invites them to the White House, now knows their names. It builds goodwill. But can it build an agenda? One area in which Trump has lost ground this past year has been among soft partisans, people who lean to the GOP, but don't feel strongly about their partisanship. This speech's more sober tone could help him, at least for a while, with those voters.

Of course, as I noted earlier, those sorts of voters are also the ones least likely to pay attention to a State of the Union speech. Trump gave Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross a bro-y shoulder grab while walking out of the chamber.

Trump has soured recently on the Ross's trade negotiating skills and was put off by reports the billionaire Ross wasn't worth quite as much has he'd said in the past. Indeed, Lisa. And it's Wives seeking nsa Talent wondering whether the next time Trump does this he'll be facing a Democratic-majority House.

And so it ends here in the House much like it began, two sides, split, without much consensus or comity -- and a legislative to-do list for Congress without much route for passage. Trump shaking hands with Supreme Court, pausing for a bit with his appointee Neil Gorsuch, and now his Cabinet and congressional leaders.

Only two of Bill Clinton's State of the Union speeches were longer than this, and those only by a few minutes. Though these chants of "USA! Far more important is understanding how to manage your goals throught a contentious Congress. Trump showed again he can read a teleprompter. The rest remains unproven. An hour plus without calling Hillary Clinton a crook or boasting of his accomplishments on the campaign trail. Bill Clinton gave the longest modern State of the Union in Clocking in at That record still stands. So there we go. Roughly 1 hour and 20 minutes.

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That's a long speech by any president's standards. Critics will say, with some justification, that all Trump has done is show that he can read from a Teleprompter. But it's also true that he's taking some risk in doing this. His most avid supporters find him refreshing precisely because he doesn't sound like other political figures. This speech sounds very much like what he isn't. Herein lies the rub: Trump just spent several minutes appropriately praising a young man from North Korea--who grew up poor, and needy.

This just minutes after Trump insisted on moving legal immigration to the test of "merit" and "skill" of the sort this young man, now living in Seoul, would not have possessed. On the campaign trail, Trump speeches often ran long, and the crowds seemed to love it to the end. Here, some lawmakers appear tired tonight. Well, he did it. He got through the North Korea section without departing from the script or insulting Kim. Now, we're on to the peroration.

Notice that Trump hasn't so Wives seeking nsa Talent attacked Kim Jong Un personally in this speech. Trump described "the depraved chracter of the North Korean regime. On North Korea, no references to who has the bigger button or insults to the North Korean leader tonight. Twitter is not the same as a teleprompter. Notably, although Trump is spending considerable time describing the atrocities of the North Korean government, his advance text is much more restrained than he's typically been in talking about what to do.

It will be interesting to see if he sticks to that. Trump's now talking about his opposition to the "terrible" Iran nuclear deal. As usual, he didn't say what was terrible about it. Nor has he elaborated much at all about how what he calls terrible trade deals are terrible.

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In part that may be because he doesn't know the details, or has different views on them depending on the day. Neither is a good look for a president, however. And now, in an election year. Trump is getting more pressure from Trump-state Republicans to go easy on items like NAFTA because their impacts have been beneficial and do Wives seeking nsa Talent conform to the simplistic opposition the president has laid out. Trump moves past the Iran nuclear deal very quickly, just noting that he's asked Congress to solve its "flaws. It also hysterically implies that Trump keeps things secret.

The nation whose classified intelligence Trump shared with Russians in the Oval Office might differ. Although Trump is making a point about keeping Gitmo open, his administration hasn't actually sent new prisoners there over the past year. They could have, if they wanted to, but they've, instead, brought cases to civilian court.

It's an example of how Gitmo has become a symbolic market for both sides. Good point, Brian. Keepng open the detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay, as Trump just formally announced, is yet another way to erase the Obama years from Washington. It has served as a great motivator for Trump, and likely one of the reasons he seems to detest California. Trump talks about making big investments in the military and infrastructre, for example, but rarely talks about how he'll pay for it.

But the White House projections for growth are well beyond those of most financial analysts. As Cathy noted at the outset, Trump ed an order just before the speech to keep Guantanamo open. Here comes the announcement. Somber tone on nuclear weapons markedly different from Trump's loose talk about the weapons on twitter -- where he bragged his nuclear button is bigger than North Korea's, and it works.

At each of these SOTU speeches, the soldiers cited for bravery always look more uncomfortable than anyone else in accepting the audience's applause. Gallantry for gallantry's sake, not for applause.

Wives seeking nsa Talent

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