Sexy working guy

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Are visions of squats and snatches dancing in your head?

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Well, women have an opinion on the matter, too. Quite strong ones, actually. Read what women had to say about their favorite exercises to watch you do in the gym. In fact, they may even turn her on a little.

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It takes a ton of strength, and shows off all the muscles along their upper body, which are really sexy. Seeing guys do pullups is also pretty sexy and impressive. I am turned off, though, when a guy has his shirt off at the gym. When done with correct form. But I like a man who can row. It shows strength, agility, and preciseness.

Also, they always have this slight shine, which is uber sexy.

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I think the mix of muscles used and effort made to use that machine is impressive—something very elemental and regal about rowing too. But if a guy is there to work out and not to show off—that is my kind of guy. Anything butt-related. A lot of guys skip lower body and a well-balanced physique is hot.

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And then I thought if he can do that, he could probably pick me up in the bedroom…. Plus, it works every muscle in the body. Preferably shirtless.

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Sexy working guy

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