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Some were too short or too fat, she says. For her last date, her parents fixed her up with a man from their hometown, Wuhan, miles west of Shanghai. Xie knew it was over as soon as she laid eyes on him. In theory, women like Xie should have their pick of potential mates.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, byChinese men between the ages of 20 and 44 will out women by 24 million. Others say that after years of schooling, they want to enjoy their freedom past age 27, widely seen here as the proper time to settle down. Parents fear that their daughters will end up childless and lonely, economically vulnerable spinsters in a society that lacks the social safety net communism once promised.

Government agencies, academics and even some businesses are treating shengnu as the source of potentially serious social problems. Home-buying, after all, is usually part and parcel of marriage here. A city-backed expo in Shanghai two months ago drew 20, people.

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Shopping here can be a gut-check. Suggested items: a garlic peeler, rainbow-colored bedding and a one-seater couch. Xie expects no letup from her parents. I want to have a family, but in my own time. Many parents go to great lengths to help their children find mates. Lake said she knows of one mother who posed as her daughter online to set up dates for her. Others turn to matchmakers. Given that Chinese women traditionally pair off with men of equal or higher income, education and age, it can be difficult for top-tier women and bottom-rung men to find matches.

Adding to the pressure, some women insist that a groom have a house. On a recent afternoon, two mothers named Zhang and Yu sat under a magnolia tree in the park, talking about their daughters, both in their late 20s. I just wanted to select a man who could make good conversation.

Though the pressure on shengnu looks unlikely to go away any time soon, a modest empowerment backlash has emerged.

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Marriage is not necessary for survival, and we have new dreams, but we have no role models. Don Lee covers the U. Since ing the Los Angeles Times inhe has served as the Shanghai bureau chief and in various editing and reporting roles in California.

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He is a native of Seoul, Korea, and graduated from the University of Chicago. Traffic lights gone dark. Factories shut down. Philippine President Duterte announces retirement from politics. Haitians in Chile: Rough going for many prompts large-scale migration toward U.

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Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Parents look at advertisements hanging in a park in Qingdao, China, for young single men and women. By Julie Makinen and Don Lee. Julie Makinen. Don Lee. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. More From the Los Angeles Times.

Sex dating in Makinen

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China’s shengnu, or ‘leftover women,’ face intense pressure to marryChinese parents, and even the government, are wringing their hands over young, educated, urban women who are taking their time finding a husband.