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There is nothing uncommon for your male BFF to start showing s he likes you more than a friend. The trick is that you can never be sure whether he is just being more nice than usual or he really is trying to lift your relationship up to a greater level. You see that your relationship is more than a friendship. Or this guy really wants something more but is scared to admit it? If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you were not certain of the feelings your male friend has for you, here are 17 s he likes you more than a friend.

When your friend starts to develop feelings for youhis behavior will suddenly change. His body language s are the first on the list to help you reveal his secret. If you are wondering whether your Seeking friend or more friend likes you, the first thing you should be paying attention to is his body language. Your friend is not an exception. His body has the urge to be close to yours. Also, he is doing all of this to test you in a way. He will probably playfully tease you because that is one of the ways to have any kind of body contact with you. Whenever you are with a group of people, this guy will make sure to sit next to you, so the two of you could be closer.

Even though your guy friend is probably hiding his true emotions for you, his eyes will reveal a lot about his feelings, no matter how hard he tries to fight it. It is perfectly normal for the person who is talking to you to make eye contact while doing so, but this guy will do more than that.

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He could be staring at you for a little bit longer than necessary because he is trying to read the emotions you may be hiding through your eyes. Another possibility is that he looks away whenever you two have eye contact and that he shifts his eyes anxiously to escape your look. This is definitely one of the s he likes you but is afraid of rejection.

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That is exactly why looking at your lips is a great that he would die to get out of the friend zone. The moment you look at him, his lips will part. If you have a male friend, likely, the two of you usually hang out with a group of people of both genders. This guy will arrange dates just for the two of you.

Therefore, if there is a guy in your group of friends who goes out of his way to spend some one-on-one time with you, it is definitely one of the not-so-subtle s he likes you more than a friend. If he is especially kind and polite to you and if he treats you differently than any other girl that is a part of your group, it is a definite that he feels something more for you.

Of course, it is also possible that he just appreciates you as a friend more than anyone else, but there is something that can help you figure this dilemma out. If this guy tells a story or expresses his opinion about some matter, does he always wait for your reaction? If he does, he is definitely in love with you. For him, your opinion and reaction are the only things that matter because he hopes to have Seeking friend or more approval regarding everything he says or does.

After all, he hopes of having a romantic relationship with you in the future so he wants to get Seeking friend or more with his future girlfriend. Even when you just giggle at something he said, it lights up his entire face and it is more than enough for him. He probably wants you to always have a good time around him. He is making sure that you have a smile on your face, whenever you think of him. He wants to be the light at the end of your every tunnel and the one who can brighten even the darkest of your days.

You two have been friends for a long time, and he knows most of the things about you and one of them is your sense of humor. The same is when you are talking about something funny. He is the first one to laugh and you see that everything you say is interesting for him. Basically, you see that all of your words and actions are amusing him more than they really should.

His entire face- and especially his eyes- start to smile when you say something funny. No matter how close friends you are with some guy, he will rarely remember little things that are important to you. But, if a guy likes youhe will remember everything about you, including all the smallest details. He will never forget your birthday or other dates important for you. He will know what your favorite movie, color, or song are and he will notice every little detail you post on social media.

He may buy you tickets for when your favorite band is playing in town or he will wish you a happy birthday at midnight sharp. He knows a lot of things regarding your personality, but also things about your physical appearance because he has spent a lot of time observing you but not in a creepy kind of way.

Therefore, if you change something about your appearance, i. It is perfectly normal for your guy friends to get bored whenever you talk about boys, hair, makeup, and all the other girly stuff. But, not this man. He will never find you boring and he will be interested in everything you have to say.

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He will never think of your problems as being foolish and he will always help you with them. This guy will put an extra effort into getting to meet the real you and sometimes, he will know more about you than all of your female friends. This is not the case because you tell him more than you tell them. This is so because he actually listens to you and thinks about you and everything that is going on in your life.

It is perfectly normal to talk to all of your friends about your love life, including your male friends. But, if a guy is not interested in you as a woman, he will probably hear you out, give you a piece of his mind regarding the subject and that is it. He will rarely mention this topic again until you bring it up. But, if you have a male friend that is especially interested in your love and dating life, it can be one of the s he likes you more than a friend.

He wants to know if there is someone you like, and if you are in a relationship, he wants to know every little detail about it. He wants to know if your heart is already taken or you are just getting involved in casual flings. Also, he wants to know about the type of guys you fall for. This man wants you to see him as boyfriend material.

If you are in a relationship, your male friend will ask you a lot of questions about it because he hopes that it will fall apart sooner or later, and he wants to be there for you when it happens because he sees it as his chance. If you have a friend that is always talking Seeking friend or more about all Seeking friend or more your boyfriends and if he thinks none of them deserve to be with you, he is probably in love with you.

Well, no man except him. If he constantly implies that you deserve better, he is probably trying to tell you that you should try being with him. One of the reasons to have a male best friend is having someone to always look out for you. But, be careful—his protectiveness can also be one of the big s he likes you more than a friend. That means that he will always be the first one to take your side whenever you are in the middle of an argument with someone and that he will try his best not to let anyone hurt you in any possible way.

When there is a guy who is causing you pain and not treating you right, this man will always serve as your protector. At first, you might assume that he is treating you like a little sister. In fact, this guy is a bit possessive when it comes to you.

If your friend loves you deeply, he will always make sure your needs are satisfied, without even hoping that the two of you might end up as a couple. Truth be told, in most situations, this man puts your needs in front of his own.

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But, please make sure never to take advantage of his unconditional love for you because that is something priceless. If you like him too, these are some ways you could tell him that. He might send you a funny meme or an emoji- the important thing is that you two have some kind of contact.

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He is the one who always calls you to hang out and proposes different activities you can do together. At first, you thought he was just bored. Nevertheless, the truth is different. One of the surefire s he likes you more than a friend is a fact that this guy always has time for you. He is working full time and has million other things to do every day but he always makes space for you in his tight schedule.

Come on, be honest: when was the last time he turned you down? Actually, did it ever happen? Did this guy ever tell you that he is too tired to talk to you or to hang out?

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Well, the truth is that he makes room for you because he sees you as a priority. He is the person you can call in the middle of the night just to hear you out. He has no trouble cancelling other plans when you invite him somewhere. On the other hand, he never stood you up for someone else. Nothing and nobody could stop him from giving you his undivided attention. He really is trying to seduce you- he is just doing it in the most subtle way possible. You see, there are a bunch of differences between flirting and being friendly. The thing you should rely on here is your guts.

Do you see that this guy is checking you out every time he looks at you?

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Does he have a habit of making ambiguous comments? Are his statements on the thin line between flirting and friendly talk? He might be this macho man around everyone but he is different when it comes to you. The moment you walk into the room, all of his confidence fades away. The first thing you should pay attention to is his hands. Instead, his hands will be shaking all the time.

Also, his palms will sweat all the time. Another insecurity al is the way he constantly fixes his hair, tucks his shirt in, or plays with his glass.

Seeking friend or more

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