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Gender expression refers to the external ways that people express themselves. Toby raised awareness about the discrimination, violence, and harassment that Trans people experience. The passing of this law means that the Ontario Human Rights Code now includes specific protection from discrimination because of gender identity and gender expression.

It was illegal to discriminate against Trans people before this change, but the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal dealt with these types of cases under the protected ground of sex. Including gender identity and gender expression as protected grounds als a recognition of the specific challenges the trans community face and the importance of protecting Trans human rights.

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Discrimination happens when a person or group is treated unequally or differently because of a personal characteristic such as race, disability, gender identity etc. The Human Rights Code protects people in Ontario against harassment and discrimination in relation to employment, housing, facilities and services, contracts, and membership in unions, trade or professional associations.

Discrimination has many different forms. It can target one person or a group and can be part of a system or in the form of workplace harassment or a poisoned work environment. Discrimination can be direct, such as denying a person a job because they are transsexual, or it can be indirect. Indirect or unintentional discrimination usually occurs when people and organizations do not consider the existence of the Trans community, their needs or their experiences.

People should be recognized as the gender they live in, regardless of whether they have undergone any type of surgery.

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Jae is currently undergoing hormone treatment in preparation for genital reconstruction surgery. She works in a factory, and all the employees must get changed when they arrive in the morning.

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She has complained to management about demeaning comments and questions about her gender, as well as physical violence, but no action has been taken. Jae decides to submit an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Her company must also train all of their staff to prevent future harassment and discrimination. You can also learn more using the e-learning resources on the Ontario Human Rights Commission Website. What is Workplace Violence and Harassment? Share your story.

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Family Law Rights. Transsexual: People who were identified at birth as one sex, but who identify themselves differently.

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They may seek or undergo one or more medical treatments to align their bodies with their internally felt identity, such as hormone therapy, sex-reasment surgery or other procedures. Two-Spirit: An English language umbrella term for a range of people in some First Nations and Aboriginal cultures that identify as carrying both a male and female spirit.

This term may include gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Back to top. Tell us how you used what you learned on OWJN!

Ontario women room sex

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