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Bluecon izing is a new physical technology to purify wastewater to optimise the water cycle.

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The ability to blueconize domestic wastewater from villages and small towns into irrigation water, fits well in an environmental sustainable policy and re-use of water. With a multi-year contract the company can even take over the investment of the project to guarantee the quality of the irrigation water and to unburden the customer.


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Message Message. The physical purifying process starts with the Super-flotation module.

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The Super-flotation module consists of a reactor and separation unit. In the reactor the wastewater is treated by destabilising the electrostatic surface charge on the molecular level.

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The molecules are forced to approach close together, making contact and progressively forming larger agglomerates. In the flotation unit the agglomerates are separated into water and sludge. The sludge can be transported to a simple and effective dewatering unit. The water is treated through a super filter to remove practically all remaining particles. Bacteria and other pathogens are made harmless in the disinfection module.

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In the last step the treated water is polished to meet the requirements of the local water regulations. The bluecon ized water is now ready for safe re-use as valuable irrigation water.

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Contact form. Eptec Romania Mr.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(731) 430-6475 x 8454

A breakthrough in low cost and high quality treatment of domestic wastewater