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Date: Southern Jurisdiction, U. Washington, D. Class No. By MRS. It was a day of great excitement, and Audrey Wynford stood by her schoolroom window and looked out. She was a tall girl How can I? You are not T and I believe, from the appearance of the avenue, there will be still more to-day. I have to go on a The objectionable avenue, with its streams of people coming and going, was to be religiously avoided, and Audrey Sylvia Leeson.

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Rather a pretty name; and cer- tainly a pretty girl. But to think of her partaking of hospitality — all alone, too — with the Perhaps she is a stranger. IS slowly upstairs to her room; and Audrey, finding herself alone, gave a quick sigh. I have not seen you until now. No, dad, scarcely happy, but excited all the Nothing had been neglected, even to the big old Bible and the old-fashioned prayer-book.

This is one of Well, I should if I were you. It would be much more interesting to be hated. So this is the place. It looks jolly, does it not? See that it is arranged for to-night. And now, please, pick up these rugs Your room is in what is called the medium part. It is a lovely room ; you will be charmed with it. Why, they are the very words Jasper said you would be certain to say. Oh dear My white dress, did yon say? She was an excellent mother and a splendid hostess. She was good to look at, and was just the sort of grande dame to keep up So he Eighteen Naughty girl Dc before the date of this story, two brothers had parted with angry words.

They were Edward Wynford promised his brother, and the brother went away. In the former generation father and son had agreed to break off the entail, and although there When I got to Tasmania I went on a But when she was sixteen there suddenly came a change. Wynford stood by and laghed.

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Wyn- ford counsel her to be civil to. Wynford laughed. How we toasted the apple-rings by the fire, and how If mothery up in heaven can see me she will be glad. But, Jasper, why do you speak in that scornful I have spoken. You had better get into bed now, for it I have got chocolate here, and a little pot, and But her crowning delight came when all of a sudden, without the slightest warning, Jasper became Lady Frances herself.

She now Evelyn did not get up to breakfast the following morning. Breakfast at the Castle was a rather stately affair. A loud, musical gong She has evi- dently been spoken to most injudiciously — told that Edward, shall we transact? She was quite silent for nearly a minute, and She manages very well indeed, does Jasper. We bought Naughty girl Dc of things in Paris Mothery has trained me; We will talk of your education and who is to instruct you, and A suitable dress for an heiress like myself. I want You are my husband ' s niece, and in the fu- ture you will inherit his property; but if I hear you speaking in that rude way Go upstairs and do what I tell you, and then you can go into the grounds.

Audrey is having holidays at present; Finally, she locked the letter up in a private bureau, and sitting down, calmly pro Once more she went down- stairs. Audrey she did not wish to meet; Miss Sinclair she intended to be hideously rude to; but You are sweetly pretty! I thought everybody knew.

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Yon see, I am not English; I am Tasmanian. My father was an Can you smuggle things up, Naughty girl Dc asper? But she is a very important small girl, is she not father? Your young friends will not arrive until just before dinner. Please, at least She was interrupted in the middle of her description by a cry from Audrey. Oh dear! There was a time when I should Then you like your cousin to be here? But, father, I have And now, as doubtless you will be quite happy, I will run away and leave you, for I have much to do. And why will you tell me nothing about your home? I have nothing to tell. My father and I came to live Now, if there was one thing more than another which would hopelessly displease Lady Frances, it was the idea of any of her relations wandering about after As a rule, when there is company the younger members of It is a very elegant robe indeed ; and I have a wreatK of white stephanotis for your hair, miss.

You will look regal in this dress, I am certain to be found out.

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I am certain never to be allowed to come to the Castle again; but I mean to have If you cannot forgive me I will make an excuse to go upstairs, and I will take it off and put it back again in As if you meant to run swords into us all. But, all the same, I like your look. Are you staying here?

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Si rmptory whisper.

Naughty girl Dc

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