Lovedoes it still exist

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Before I go on, I would like to point out, that this is for people who sincerely want to love faithfully and be loved. So, if you like flings or dating multiple persons at a time, you should stop here. I believe and I stand to be corrected that this statement is most times based on a loss of faith in love.

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Yes, you might like to say that things like commitment, patience and communication are also needed for a relationship to last. I agree. I also think, that if you truly love someone, you would communicate with that person, be committed and also be patient with them. Either way, it was shocking. I was involved in a conversation me mostly listening with a group of female corps.

I have to say, that statement made me sad.

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The statement on its own said a lot of things. For one to have probably had experiences to make them conclude that is sad.

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I did not really contemplate that there could be a little truth in that statement until I had an experience of my own. So, I met a cute guy. B asked me out, told me he loved me, you know, the usual talks and profession of love. After sending it, a particular chat with a girl caught my attention and I clicked on it. Mind you, this chat was after he had professed love to me and on the same day too I checked the time. Well as the sometimes bold young woman that I am, I confronted him about it.

It also made me wonder what happened to this generation to make B see nothing wrong with what he did since as he said, it was just WhatsApp.

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They are just as many beautiful stories of people who have found true love as there are stories of heartbreak and disappointment. You know how they say bad news travels faster than good news? There are some steps that I believe can be a guide to finding true love.

The first step to finding true love is allowing yourself to strongly believe that it exists. I know it might be hard to but you have to let yourself believe it.

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The second step is to look before you leap. Most times we see red flags and choose to ignore them. Never ignore the red flags as they would always come back to haunt you. You need to be patient and please, do not settle! I know how tempting it can be. The third and last step is to be yourself. And when you do find true love, love without holding back. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced. Everything you need to live well. Love and Relationships. In this article: love relationship.

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