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Kukim Vazquez, a year-old high school senior from Compton, started baking when she was in fifth grade and has spent the last few years watching YouTube tutorials and making more cookies and cupcakes than her friends and family are able to consume. After a cousin encouraged her to get on Instagram to promote her baking business, she came across a jewelry-making workshop hosted by the Compton Girls Club.

More than Black-owned businesses in and around L. Here are Black-owned restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers, lifestyle brands and other businesses to support. Like a lot of high school students, Vazquez had been struggling during the pandemic: There was no more French club, no gymnastics, no tutoring kids after school. ing up for the sessions seemed better than scrolling on her phone all day. First, she learned over Zoom how to make earrings, then she ed up for a business incubator. Over three weekends, she and 10 other teens learned the basics of starting a small business. Vazquez was excited but worried about presenting to a panel.

The business incubator is just one of the many ways founder Chrystani Heinrich has sought to make the Compton Girls Club a warm and affirming community Los angeles beautiful girls sex girls, femmes and nonbinary teens can explore new hobbies, ask questions and learn how to boss up. Even as the club has grown, it has kept to its core mission: boosting and supporting the teens. Club meetings are deed to expose the teens to new creative, self-care or business activities. Club members have learned how to decorate pastries, sew, crotchet and start a zine.

In a lot of ways, the Compton Girls Club is the club Heinrich wanted as a teenager growing up in Compton — something that made art and culture easily accessible but also provides the tools to turn new hobbies into business ventures. Heinrich comes from a long line of entrepreneurial women. When times were tough, their mother sold cheesecakes and their grandmother sold flowers to make ends meet. Heinrich started off selling cookies and graduated to selling vintage clothing while working as a librarian at Compton High School.

While Heinrich understands the criticisms against hustle culture, they also know that sometimes people from the neighborhood need that flexibility. At one of the earliest meetings, Heinrich had the students make vision boards. About a dozen teens met up to cut photos out of old issues of Vanity Fair and Essence. They gravitated toward images of people traveling, trying new things, smiling and generally looking happy.

The magazines, and additional art supplies, had been donated by a woman who found the school club somehow, possibly through social media. In Heinrich created G. IRL, a c 3 nonprofit and left their job as a librarian. Heinrich ed Los angeles beautiful girls sex lease on a space in downtown Compton just before the March shutdowns.

Both in person and online, the vibe has remained the same: have fun, learn new things and practice self-care. And if that new hobby could turn into a side hustle, great. After the club learned how to make brown sugar body scrubs, some of the members suggested they might sell them. Heinrich encouraged them.

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Heinrich has also focused on helping teens manage sexual and reproductive health. At Compton High School they ran donation drives for pregnant teenagers. And during the pandemic the club has held several sex ed workshops. America Gonzalez, a year-old junior from Sun Valley, found out about the club last year through social media and participated in a sex ed series held last August.

Topics included how to obtain birth control and access sexual healthcare, how to prevent and identify STIs, what consent looks like, and an introduction to gender identity and sexuality. From there, Gonzalez attended sessions on graphic de, spaghetti preparation and making soap. Gonzalez pitched an app called Eco Friendly Swap to help people find environmentally conscious shops in the San Fernando Valley.

Tamya Davis, a year-old sophomore from Fontana, said she assumed she would have to wait until she was older to start a business. The business incubator process showed her that she could start, well, now. For Vazquez, the club has helped her open up. Options will include cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops in several flavors chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, Oreo cake and strawberryas well as some plant-based options. Arit John is a general asment lifestyle reporter for the Los Angeles Los angeles beautiful girls sex features team, focused on internet culture and life in L.

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Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. By Arit John Staff Writer. Lifestyle More than Black-owned businesses in and around L. Through the club, Kukim Vazquez developed skills she intends to use to start a baking business. Chrystani Heinrich, founder of Compton Girls Club. Chrystani Heinrich in her Compton Girls Club office. America Gonzalez has attended multiple Compton Girls Club workshops. Tamya Davis wants to start a beauty business called TamGlam.

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More From the Los Angeles Times. Lifestyle L. Lifestyle She turned an unpermitted backyard studio into the ultimate WFH hideaway.

Los angeles beautiful girls sex

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