Looking someplace new

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Should Looking someplace new move first? Or should you try to line up a new job and then relocate? What's the best way to get hired when you're here, and the jobs are there? One of the biggest factors to consider is your finances. Can you afford to go without a paycheck, pay for health insurance, and cover relocation expenses? If you have cash reserves, it can be easier to move first, get settled, and then start a job search.

Consider your personal circumstances, as well. Do you have someone in the new location you could borrow a bed or a couch from? If so, you may want to consider moving first, finding a job second. You should plan your job hunt accordingly, and be prepared to conduct a long-distance job search. Keep in mind that you may be able to negotiate a start date that gives you the extra time you need to move and get settled. When you know the city where you want to work, you can target positions there or within a radius of that location.

Use advanced search options to find openings where you want to work. If you can line up a remote opportunity, you can work from anywhere. Most employers interview and hire on a tight schedule, and the company may not be willing to wait.

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Be prepared to interview remotely. Employer relocation packages can make a move go very smoothly.

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There may be even some extra cash included to help you get out of a lease or make a deposit on new housing. A local address on your and cover letter can help your application get selected. Do you have family, friends, professional, or college connections there?

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Everyone you know, and everyone they know, may be able to help you with your job hunt. Here are some of the people who can assist:.

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Do you love your job? There may be a chance that you can take it with you when you move. If your employer is thrilled with the work you do and would hate to lose you, they may be willing to let you work remotely. You may be able to transfer to the same or a similar jobor you may be able to get a different position with your current employer.

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Looking someplace new

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