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Internet Archive's 25th Anniversary Logo. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker.

Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. In common with the Lists of Exhibitors at other London Exhibitions, this work was compiled over thirty years ago, and the manuscript volumes have ever since been of great use for reference.

The catalogues of these early exhibitions are very difficult to obtain, and there is, I believe, no complete set of printed copies in existence, those in public institutions being completed by manuscript copies. To lovers of art this volume will present the only easily available means of knowing what pictures were exhibited by well-known artists before the foundation of the Royal Academy.

Upwards of 13, works were shown at these exhibitions. To make the volume still more interesting, I Looking for Hindhead headnewport endeavoured to give an of these Societies by reprinting portions of books written at the time of the exhibitions, or shortly afterwards. In this very little attempt has been made to introduce original matter, but I feel that the extracts from books now exceedingly scarce will prove of value.

As named portraits were rare in the catalogues of these exhibitions an index has been added, as well as of those portraits the names of which I have from different sources been able to trace; in the same index are included the owners of mansions mentioned in the architectural portion of the work. This book contains nearly the same amount of printed matter as one of the eight volumes in the Royal Academy series, but does not consist of so many sheets, owing to the absence of the blank s which were included in that series in order that subscribers might themselves continue for future years the lists of works exhibited.

The criticisms of Horace Walpole are not so frequent in this volume, as unfortunately his set of catalogues does not seem to have been preserved intact; though single copies which have been in his possession appear in some of the few now in Looking for Hindhead headnewport. Society of Artists. I Glacieres of Grindelwald, seen near the Valley of Louter- brumen. Poland Street. An Honorary Exhibitor.

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Free Society. At Mr. Hagartfs, Queen Street, Golden Square. I The triumph of Neptune. Birchin Lane. Crayon Painter. Needle Worker.

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See Laine. Richmans, Great Poland Street. I Banditti. In Gerrard Street, So ho. I Portrait of a lady; kitcat. Elected F. Engraver, Free Society. After Mr. After le Moin. Near the Chapel at Chelsea. I An engraved head. I A print of the Nativity. From Ann. The first premium thirty guineas for the present year. I A Circumcision. After Guido. From Blackwood's Robertson's Histories.

From Stewart's History. Fitfs, Prince's Street, St. I Portrait of a lady; small whole length. I A medallion in ivory. Pupil to Mr. I A Drawing in Indian Ink. I A large sea-piece. I A sea-piece. I A View on the banks of New- foundland; the land dis- covered through a dispersing fog. I Sunset with a small shower of rain going down the Swin. I A sea-piece by moonlight. I Looking for Hindhead headnewport storm.

Compton Street, Soho. Handy' s. Porter Street, near Newport Market. I A portrait of a young lady. Five-Fields' Rozv, Chelsea. I A sea piece; a brisk gale. Great Russell Street, Bloonisbury. At Air. I A View of the Island of St. Helena, in the East Indies. Wandsworth, Surrey. I Portrait of a lady ; small whole length. IC2 A Tripod; from an original de of Mr. The last four are not ht my copy of the catalogue, but are added in another copy.

They are printed in the B. Drawings all taken on the spot. See Miss Angelica Kauffmann. Dufour's, Berwick Street. I A Group in Sculpture; being an allegorical Representa- Looking for Hindhead headnewport of Chastity, in the char- acter of a vestal rejecting profane Love. Lepida hcec joco tolle, precamur. From Bar- rocio drawing. Anning, Miss — continued. Miss M. The last twelve are needle- work. Fether's, 30, Berwick Street.

By a Lady. By a Lady in Yorkshire [E. By a Gentleman. Paul; in crayons, a first attempt. By a Lady at Yarmouth. By a Young Lady. By an Officer in the Army. By a Young Gentleman. By the Rev. Peter delivered out of prison ; a Drawing. By a Young Nobleman. By a Lady at Canterbury. Drawing of a horse. By of seven years old. By a Lady in the country. Anonymous without initials — con- tinued. From Hamilton. By of eight years old. By a Young Lady, A bunch of grapes; in needle- work.

By a Young Gentleman at Eaton. By a Lady of Quality. New Bond Street. By a Young Gentleman at Richmond School. Catherine; a drawing in black chalk. By an Officer. At Mrs. By an Artist in Rome. By a Gentleman of the Navy.

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By Different Ladies. Harvey's School, at Mary-le-bone. From Thomson's Autumn. Harvey's Boarding School, Mary-le-bone.

Looking for Hindhead headnewport

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