Fayetteville dating tips

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In a constant changing military town like Fayetteville, what is the dating scene like out here? If you are a resident of our community, you will notice that it has a high population of married couples. When I think of the military, automatically, I do think of a family unit also known as a support system for a soldier. In a town full of spouses, where do the single people hang out? What is the ultimate first date spot? A wise woman once told me that I should never meet a man at a night club and date him.

I poise a question to you single people.

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With a wide variety of nightclubs in the Fayetteville area, is this a good place to find a potential mate? Upon leaving the Fayetteville area and living in a fast paced city for the past six years, I have stumbled upon a whole new atmosphere in the Fayetteville area that has sparked my interest: Downtown. Downtown Fayetteville has a lot of potential to find a potential mate.

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Hay Street and surrounding areas are rapidly expanding with social settings where you can spark up a conversation with another single man or woman. The downtown area consists of a selection of bars, restaurants, and meeting spots.

The food was authentic and the dimly lit atmosphere possessed a romantic glow. Adjacent to the restaurant Fayetteville dating tips Sky Lounge, which has an upscale atmosphere decorated with plush sofas, a bar area, and an outdoor patio. You and your date can also enjoy conversing while people watching out their window facing the downtown sidewalks or seclude yourself in the back where you can get some much needed one on one.

The restaurant setting transforms into a spacious dance floor with grown and sexy tunes blaring through the speakers. It has a very unique atmosphere where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and coffee. It also possesses a nightlife by transforming into a nice lounge where a date night can consist of live jazz every fourth Friday. There is also a special evening menu exclusively available every Friday and Saturday night.

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Cocktails, beer and wine are also served at Marquis Night. How does a first date movie sound? Cameo Art House is an eclectic movie theatre downtown with lots to offer. Many people feel as though a traditional movie theatre can seem impersonal with such big showrooms and countless movie showings to choose from. There are limited showings within this quaint location, but other options.

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There are other events that take place here such as comedy, improv shows and viewing parties. Sound good? Only thing missing is your date!

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The city is well lit and people watching can also be so fun. Another great way to bond with your mate is to check out the Farmers Market that takes place Saturday mornings downtown Fayetteville, and the best part of that is that parking is free in the parking garage. Spring is here! The weather is nice. To all my single Fayettevillians, get out and get dating by taking a visit downtown.

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Fayetteville dating tips

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