Empty apartment looking for a good time

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Written by Lusanda. Written by Nguyen. Written by Jordan. Welcome to the last part of a blog series on how to save money by shopping second hand! Most of the items in my apartment furniture, kitchen stuff, towels etc. I found second hand. Consider things like your budget, your access and proximity to campus, do you prefer a shared vs private space, or accessibility e.

Depending on your city, you might also move around a couple of times during your stay in Sweden.

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Well, actually this depends! My apartment had no lights, and even though internet service was included, I had to buy my own router. This is quite common for a one-room bachelor student apartment in Sweden.

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So it can be very daunting to arrive into an echoey empty room and hard to imagine at first how it will warm up over time into your cozy safe space. Careful with the temptation to pack all your pots and pans with you, extra baggage can be suuuuuper expensive, but Sara has a guide for what items are essential to bring and what can stay home. Check with your university if they have a similar department that can guide you!

Mine actually offered a basic furniture package that you can borrow from them during your studies i. I took them up on that offer, contacted them as early as possible after I my accommodation application was approved and then they moved my starter-pack kit into the apartment before I arrived. Online and Social Media alternatives are really handy with almost everything related to moving and settling in. When it works out though, it works out really well, and new students can get a good match of stuff at an affordable price, in a good or almost new condition.

Speaking of patience, my apartment has been a slow progress to get to where it is now. I knew I was here for 2 years minimum, which is a short time but not too short to be ificant! The first few months were minimal and functional, and I quickly gathered a very affordable and small selection of bath towels, pots and pans, mugs, cutlery and a kettle, which was a very decent start!

By the end of the first semester I had some ideas of what I needed to feel more comfortable. The 1st big furniture I hunted for was a sofa bed — I figured I needed some space to relax away from the desk, but wanted to accommodate all my friends who were Empty apartment looking for a good time to visit and sleepover. I mentioned this in Part 1, but I started my search online and found an IKEA version for SEK, which was waaay out of budget, but gave me an idea of what dimensions I was looking for.

By the time winter rolled around, I needed a blanket and found a chunky faux fur blanket for SEK at Myrorna. I also picked up some cushions for my new sofa bed at SEK each. As I started to experiment more in the kitchen, I grabbed more cooking utensils like a small sieve and a grater for around 20SEK each. Then I stopped shopping again for a loong while. Comfort at long last!

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If your Swedish is still on training wheels, I recommend using Google translate to help your search — you find much better in Swedish e. I wrote more tips about shopping second hand online in part 1. So I was happy and comfortable and convinced I had everything I would need for another year.

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Until my friends from the 1 year masters programme started leaving and…. Sooooooo all of us who stayed behind for another year received wave after wave of offers for free stuff.

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I collected plants, containers, tupperwares, baking trays, kitchen scissors, a kitchen scale, more towels, more cushions, more clothing hangers, more clothes, a tea strainer, a book shelf, an air mattress and pump, more cooking utensils like a bigger strainer, and plenty of leftover food and toilet paper. If you have the patience, you might not need to rush to fill your apartment with stuff, even if its tempting when you find so many affordable second hand things.

I hope this blog gave you some ideas for how you can stretch your budget to make you student house feel much more like a home. As much as stuff and things are not the most important part of living, I think being isolated during COVID showed a lot of us that we still need some level of comfort from things being in our space that are functional and help make tasks easier and save us time like my kettle or keep us organized like the wicker basket and bookshelf or bring us joy like my plants and the happy Buddha statue.

Leave a comment below to share some of your ideas of what you need for your ideal student apartment! Written by Lusanda 01 May Living in a corridor vs. Living in a shared-apartment. Written by Nguyen 24 Apr Written by Jordan 25 Mar Written by Lusanda 29 Aug Some extras were for free. Good luck! Everyday life How-tos and tips Moving to Sweden.

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Moving to Sweden. How-tos and tips The Swedish way.

Empty apartment looking for a good time

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Second-hand Student Savings Part 3 – Turning Your Empty Apartment Into A Home