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Community excavations on the Beaulieu Estate in the New Forest have uncovered an enigmatic Bronze Age monument, as well as evidence for Mesolithic activity, greatly adding to our knowledge of how this area of Hampshire was used during prehistory. A week-long excavation followed later that year, led by the New Forest National Park Authority NPA and archaeologists from Bournemouth University along with over 40 volunteers, exposing part of the ring ditch.

This investigation revealed that the ditch had two distinct phases, and that a small cluster of four inverted cremation urns had been inserted into its backfill.

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Three of the urns were lifted for post-excavation analysis, which revealed that two of them contained cremated human bone. One urn held the remains of and in the other were the combined remains of an adolescent or adult and another juvenile. Radiocarbon analysis dated the bones to the Middle Bronze Age, c.

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The team returned for a second dig for two weeks inrevealing more of the structure of the ditch as well as an unusual gap in the outline of its outer, second phase below right — this has been interpreted as a possible entrance, allowing access to an open internal space. Overall, it appears that the ring ditch was probably first constructed during the Early Bronze Age, possibly around BC. This ditch eventually silted up and was then recut around BC. It appears that this new, larger layout was recut a further three times over the span of years.

After a pause of around years, the monument then appears to have been used as a cremation cemetery, which is when the urns were most likely interred.

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After this, though, the site appears to have gradually fallen out of use. There is evidence here of regular modification and an apparent continuity of use over a long time, implying that this monument was perhaps more than a burial place, and played a ificant role in the community for many generations. In addition to the Bronze Age finds, charred hazelnut shells were discovered within the basal fill of the earliest ring ditch.

Thehowever, were very surprising as the shell was dated to between BC and BC, meaning it was actually from the Mesolithic period. As well as the shells, two Mesolithic flint tools were identified.

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This discovery adds to a handful of probable Mesolithic camping sites that have ly been found along the banks of the Beaulieu River. The central figure might represent a damnatio ad bestias scene, depicting a condemned captive facing execution by being thrown to the wild beasts in….

According to the researchers, this is the most elaborate and well-preserved depiction of honey-gathering documented within Levantine art to date.

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The figure of Nathan possibly dates to ADmaking it perhaps the earliest surviving stained glass in England, and among the oldest in…. Over the decades, archaeologists have interpreted the Suontaka grave as either a double burial of a male and a female, or as evidence of…. You might be interested in. August 14, August 13, August 12, August 11, August 10,

Adult dating Monument

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